2014 Progress Report of LATA
1. Sankranthi Mela : The signature program first of its kind ever done by any organization in Los Angeles Area. Midst of many doubts about the program, it turned out to be one of the best programs. Sankranthi Mela 2014 Photos
2. Weight Loss Program: This was one of the very unique programs under health category that LATA has conducted to bring the awareness to healthy lifestyle with simple exercises to bring the weight under control.
3. Estate Planning: LATA did a great job in bringing awareness to the very important aspect, often ignored event to most of the members in Torrance and Irvine areas.
4.Sirivennala Antharangam : It was Very unique program, again never done in LA area ever! Sirivennala Sitarama Sastry Garu shared his inner thoughts along with melodious singing by singers Parthu and Sahiti. Sirivennala Antharangam Event Photos
5. Shiva Parvathi Vaibhavam: We took part in helping out discourses by Sree Shanmukha Sharma Garu.
6. LATA Annual Picnic: LATA bagged great appreciation from the members for one of the best picnics. The day filled with lot of games for kids, adults and excellent food along with corns and sugar candy. LATA Annual Picnic 2014 Photos
7. PMP Training : Another signature program uniquely designed for LATA members! This was second year in a row with lot of participants and conducted in two different locations